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Change Log

May, 2022

What's New


April, 2022

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March, 2022

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February, 2022

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January, 2022

What's New

1. (13-01-22) App Instantly load demo data

From the settings menu, you can now instantly load demo data and trial or test the software.

2. (25-01-22) App Staged changes for Migraiton Waves

We've made the process of managing resources within migration waves much more flexible and powerful. You can now stage your changes being made to migration waves before they are applied and optionally select or remove additional dependent resources. As well, migration waves now support resources being a part of multiple waves.


December, 2021

What's New

1. (16-12-21) App

We are happy to announce the release of our Notes feature! It allows you to quickly jot down thoughts and facts without additional tools, and the notes will be attached to each individual record so you can easily come back and review the notes history.


November, 2021

What's New

1. (05-11-21) Machine Stats

We're happy to announce the first release of Machine Stats for Hypervisors. This tool provides a simple and effective way to gather machine statistics from a KVM virtual environment as the first layer in the Tidal Migrations discovery process. This tool can help provide you with critical information for your migration project, such as RAM usage, IP addresses and CPU details, all in one place.

2. (26-11-21) ServiceNow Integration

Our new ServiceNow integration is now released for beta users! You can now integrate your Tidal workspace with a ServiceNow instance. When you create an integration, all servers and apps in your workspace are pushed over to ServiceNow. Subsequent changes to these records in your workspace, and the relationships between them, will be propagated over to ServiceNow as well.


October, 2021

What's New

1. (21-10-21 Machine Stats

We've now enhanced our Machine Stats tools to be able to collect information about the processes running on your computer for both Unix-like Systems and Windows environments!

2. (29-10-21) App

The Tidal Migration Platform will now sync information about the running processes on your server that Machine Stats captures. You will be able to find this information if you click the Process Stats tab at the top of the page for any particular server or at #/servers/<id>/process_stats.


September 2021

What's New


August, 2021

What's New

1. (26-08-21) Machine Stats

We're happy to announce the stable release of Machine Stats. This tool provides a simple and effective way to gather machine statistics from a server environment as the first layer in the Tidal Migrations discovery process. Machine Stats can help provide you with critical information for your migration project, such as RAM usage, operating system versions, storage, and CPU details, all in one place. And it works on all Unix-like systems as well as Windows!


July, 2021

What's New

1. (22-07-21) App Projects

We are happy to announce the release of our Projects feature! As your application portfolio grows in size, it can be difficult to keep track of where exactly each application is at in the migration process. By grouping applications into separate projects, you can easily track their assessment progress and report the projects' status, financial insights and other details to project managers or sponsors. Projects can also help you align the timelines and goals of an assessment and enable different teams to tackle separate parts of a cloud migration. Managing your journey to the cloud just got a whole lot easier!

2. (24-07-21) Tidal Tools Application now suggests to create absent custom fields

We are happy to announce a new Tidal Tools feature! Previously, when you submitted the data with tidal sync servers, you had to create your custom fields in advance using the Tidal Migrations Platform or API. With this release, Tidal Tools checks for missing custom fields, provides you with the ability to interactively select which fields you would like to create and, after the confirmation, creates those fields for you!


June, 2021

What's New


May, 2021

What's New

1. (04-05-21) Tidal Tools Tidal Tools now works on Apple Silicon

We're happy to announce the release of Tidal Tools for Apple Silicon. Check out our series of blog posts to see how we did it.

2. (27-05-21) App Powerpoint files can now be attached to applications as documents


April, 2021

What's New

Cloud Calculator You can now use Google or LinkedIn to sign in when using Cloud Calculator.


March, 2021

What's New

1. (01-03-21) Tidal Tools We now provide more detailed information on web analysis results upload status

2. (04-03-21) Tidal Tools In addition to Oracle and SQL Server, now it is also possible to analyze MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with tidal analyze db

3. (12-03-21) Host Discovery with Nmap

We're happy to announce the release of Host Discovery using Nmap. Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a highly popular open-source scanning tool used to scan a network and detect hosts and identify services running and known vulnerabilities. It is a known quantity, trusted by enterprise security teams, and now available for cloud teams to leverage in the Tidal Migrations platform. This feature will facilitate your discovery process in making sure all your infrastructure inventory is up to date. Once you scan your networks, you can send the output directly to the Tidal Migrations platform using Tidal Tools. After the host data has been uploaded, you are able to browse and assign IP addresses to servers in just a few clicks.

4. (29-03-21) Tidal Tools We have added a --type json flag that will pretty print web analyze information as JSON

5. (29-03-21) Tidal Tools The get vsphere command's JSON output is now pretty-printed


February, 2021

What's New


January, 2021

What's New

1. (14-01-21) App

We updated the design of the Applications, Servers, Database Instances and Virtualization Clusters tables. The new design also includes improved support for tablets.

2. (29-01-21) Tidal Tools now tidal analyze can be also run as tidal analyse


December, 2020

What's New

1. (03-12-20) Tidal Tools New configuration option for tidal analyze db

To use Oracle features included only in the Oracle Standard Edition (SE) license, you can now set the analyze_workload property to false in your configuration file.

2. (07-12-20) App Financial Insights

We're happy to announce the launch of our Financial Insights feature! When planning and executing transformative cloud migrations, it is important to be able to demonstrate the business benefits early on. Financial Insights shows you critical information like forecast savings and return on investment at a glance, allowing you to easily communicate why the migration is necessary. With one click, you can see exactly where you're at with your cloud migration and which areas you should focus your efforts on to maximize the gains from your migration project.

3. (17-12-20) Tidal Tools If some websites are slow to respond during web analysis it is now possible to increase the wait timeout using the --timeout flag.


November, 2020

What's New

1. (10-11-20) Tidal Tools Creating databases configuration for analysis is now made easier.

Just run tidal analyze db init and answer the questions.


October, 2020


_ (05-10-20) App An issue in the PDF report that prevented some fields from being displayed was resolved.

September, 2020

What's New

1. (14-09-20) App Transition Type Recommendations

We’re proud to announce the launch of our recommendation feature! One of the first steps in the planning stage of your cloud migration is to choose a transition type, one of the 6 Rs, for each application. With a large portfolio, it can be difficult to know where to start. You might ask questions like “which of my apps are worth refactoring? Should I rehost or replatform this app?” Tidal’s recommendation engine can help point you in the right direction. Once you complete your assessment, our algorithm will recommend a transition type for each application.

2. (14-09-20) App Cloud Architecture Library

The new Cloud Architecture Gallery provides migration teams with a pick-list of architectures to choose from, which can be curated by a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) organization. It is easy to get stuck in the planning phase of your cloud migration journey. With a curated gallery of proven architectures to choose from, your teams can instead focus on the actual migration. This feature allows your CCoE to manage a set of approved cloud patterns for migration teams to draw from, and more easily scale their migration factory to multiple teams.


August, 2020

What's New

1. (12-08-20) App We added an option to save URLs without assigning them to an application in the Public URLs view.


July, 2020

What's New

1. (17-07-20) Tidal Tools now instantly identifies several DNS and email services, including Microsoft Outlook, GSuite, and more whenever they are in use within your environment.


June, 2020


May, 2020


April, 2020

What's New

1. (02-04-20) App Increase the granularity of information captured about an application's values.

Finding the value of an application is complicated, we realize that you might not be able to quantify it based on value to business alone. So we have split the concept of value to business into three new fields: annual revenue, annual person hours saved, and regulated requirements.

2. (08-04-20) Tidal Tools New 'web' subcommand

We made tidal analyze commands more consistent. Now when you type tidal analyze it displays the help message about different types of analysis: source code (with tidal analyze code), databases (with tidal analyze db), and web applications (with tidal analyze web)

3. (09-04-20) App Add generated tidal tools command to assessment view

We've added a new feature that shows you the command you need to run in your terminal to scan your application's code-base. To copy the command you can click on the text and it will be in your clipboard.


March, 2020

What's New

1. (02-03-20) App Display languages discovered by source code analysis

Now when you analyze your application's source code, any languages identified from the analysis are automatically captured and shown under the discovered technologies for your applications.

2. (03-03-20) App Show progress view and per app view for all users

We're happy to announce we have added the ability to track your progress for assessing your applications. We do this by honing in on and measuring a few specific metrics that we believe are key for any application to be successfully migrated to the cloud. You can find out more by going to any application or going to

3. (19-03-20) App Filter your applications progress by tags

You can now easily filter all the applications by their tags and easily see their progress.


February, 2020

What's New

1. (07-02-20) App Improve UX of transition overview

Improved the usability of the transition overview field for applications by:

  1. Making links click-able
  2. Making copying content easier
  3. Inserting the cursor at the end of the text

2. (18-02-20) App Add ability for users with read only role to modify dashboards

You can now let users, who are 'read only' users, create their own dashboards so they can sort and filter the project data. All while not having access to modifying the project related data.


January, 2020

What's New

1. (24-01-20) App Application Portfolio Reports

We have recently added an Application Portfolio Report feature, allow you to generate reports and charts in just one click. You can now easily export both a full assessment report of all the applications, complete with their, assessment results, dependencies, and recommended migration order. Alternatively, export a set of charts that summarize your application portfolio assessment which you can drop into any executive presentations you need to make!


November, 2019

What's New

1. (10-04-19) App Improved user invite management

We've updated our user invite system, giving you more information and more control over how long these invites may persist. You can now re-invite users who have misplaced their invite or if it got lost in the ethernet. If an email invite was sent as a mistake you can delete their invitation. We've also given you insights to show you when users were invited, what role they are, and when was the last time you sent a re-invite email.


October, 2019


September, 2019


August, 2019


July, 2019


June, 2019


May, 2019


April, 2019

What's New

1. (10-04-19) App Improved Dependency Tree Visualization

We've updated our dependency tree visualization! Our new visualization is no longer limited to showing you one or two layers deep. We are now able to show you all the apps, servers and databases that are dependent on each other.

2. (22-04-19) App Inter-Application Dependencies

We have added the ability for you to define inter-application dependencies in the application assessment view. Alongside this enhancement, we've reintroduced showing these dependencies in our dependency tree visualization.

3. (24-04-19) Tidal Tools Backup and Restore Commands

Sometimes you need to disconnect. When running Tidal Tools in offline mode, with no access to the internet, it is now much easier to get set up and going. There are two new commands, "tidal backup" and "tidal restore", that easily let you get configured with internet access, and then move to a completely air-gapped machine to continue where you had left off.

4. (26-04-19) App Organizational Goals

We now enable you to articulate your organizational goals for your migration to the cloud. This will help you formulate a high level overview of what you are expecting to achieve from your migration by helping you to consider where you want your focus to be, what cloud vendors you're looking to utilize, and who in your organization is meant to champion your efforts.


March, 2019

What's New

1. (06-03-19) App PDF Application Recommendations

It's hard deciding which of your applications you should migrate first. Why not have Tidal help you? We've added a section to our application assessment PDF that recommends high-priority applications, using multiple factors such as migration difficulty and business value.

2. (08-03-19) App Technology Versions

You can now see which versions of a technology are running across your portfolio by visiting the technologies page.

3. (13-03-19) App Improved Dashboard Tiles

You can add tiles to your dashboard that show you the total number of apps, database instances, or servers that you have. Simply create a new tile, give it a name, make sure no tags are added, and click the save button.


February, 2019

What's New

1. (04-02-19) App Add Markdown Editor for an Application's Transition Overview

On top of our WYSIWYG editor, we now support Markdown when editing an App's transition overview. By using Markdown, you will have more fine-grained control over how you present information to your team or clients.


January, 2019


December, 2018

What's New

1. (03-12-18) App Improved Error Messages for Importing

Importing from Excel is easier than before. We now provide feedback when you import an Excel document, letting you know which rows have missing or invalid data.

2. (05-12-18) App Warnings for Invalid Input

You will now get feedback from our app if you enter invalid input into a custom field, such as entering text when the field requires a number.

3. (06-12-18) App Migration Effort Estimates

We've added a new Migration Effort Estimate field for applications. You can use this field to track how much effort, usually in days, you are expecting to migrate this application.


November, 2018

What's New

1. (09-11-18) App A New View to Manage Your Interview Questions

Now, you can easily add and customize interview questions! This will help you tailor the questions you want to ask your customers or product owners, so that you can get the most out of them when you sit down with them for an interview.

2. (21-11-18) App Add Multiple Urls to an Application at Once

You can now add multiple URLs to an application at once. If you already have a list of URLs for an application, you can copy and paste it into the URLs box. If the URLs are separated by commas or whitespace, a pop up will show you the list of URLs you are about to add and ask you to click the save button to confirm.


October, 2018

What's New

1. (09-10-18) App Technologies Page

With the new Technologies page, you have a way to see exactly what technologies you're using across your portfolio, and what applications and URLs those technologies are associated with.

2. (23-10-18) App Verification Email Requests

In case your sign-up verification email was deleted, blocked as spam, or otherwise lost along its journey to your inbox, we have created a system for you to request a new one.

3. (26-10-18) App Technology View

To complement our Technologies page, we also added a view where you can get a deeper insight into the technologies that your portfolio uses. You can quickly glance over what URLs use a technology, and you can even see what versions of those technologies were detected!

4. (26-10-18) App New PDF Report Charts

When you generate a PDF assessement report, two new charts are now included. These charts aggregate your applications based on their transition types and show the total resources that they are currently utilizing.


September, 2018

What's New

1. (20-09-18) App Tagging by technology

You can now tag an application by its technologies. This empowers you to create dashboards and search for applications by technology.

2. (28-09-18) Tidal Tools Debug Log

Tidal Tools now generates a debug log, making it easier for us to fix an issue if you ever encounter one.


August, 2018

What's new:

1. (07-08-18) Tidal Tools Tidal Analyze Code

Introducing "tidal analyze code"! This command will analyze the source code of an application, and use the results to calculate a migration difficulty and identify roadblocks. Once the analysis is complete, the results will appear in the app.

2. (10-08-18) App Source code Analysis

Not sure how ready you are to move to the cloud? With Tidal Migrations you have the option to analyze your specified source code associated with the applications. The analysis will identify the difficulty to migrate your applications to the cloud, including the number of blocking issues. This feature can be utilised via Tidal API, Tidal Tools CLI and the Tidal App. Be sure to enable this feature in Preferences. An email will be sent letting you know that this feature is ready to use once enabled.

3. (17-08-18) App Source code Analysis graphic

Add two graphics to the source code analysis view, emphasizing the progress the user has made in analyzing the source code for apps with the "transition type" set as replatform and refactor.

4. (18-08-18) Tidal Tools Tidal Doctor

Get a checkup with Tidal Doctor! You can now diagnose your environment, checking that you have the required dependencies installed and the right connections set up. The "tidal doctor" command will point you in the right direction to get Tidal Tools up and running as quickly as possible.

5. (22-08-18) App Tooltips

When the side menu is closed and a user hover there mouse over one of the icons, a tooltip will pop up beside the icon describing what the icon means.


July, 2018

What's new:

1. (04-07-18) App Provide Filepaths for your applications!

You can now provide filepaths to your source code for your applications, including directly during the interview process. You can also define them when using the sync and import API endpoints.

2. (05-07-18) Tidal Tools Revamped Error Messages

Error messages have been completely revamped to help you easily get back on track. Now each error message is composed of 3 pieces of information: the exact error message, a description of the error, and any action that you need to take to resolve it.

2. (12-07-18) App Column Sorting in Search Tables!

Tidal Migrations now gives you the ability to sort the columns within the search table.


June, 2018

What's new:

1. (07-06-18) Tidal Tools DNS Record Information

“tidal analyze” now gives you information about DNS records (A, AAAA, MX, and NS).

2. (15-06-18) App Keep Track of Currency

Currency is now a first-class citizen and you can more easily track financials across your portfolio and resources with any currency related values you choose to add as a field option.

3. (18-06-18) App Cloud Region in Public Domain Discovery

When doing a public domain discovery, the results now include the exact region that the application domain is being served from, yay!


May, 2018

What's new:

1. (22-05-18) App Public Domain Discovery

We have released a new feature for discovering your publicly accessible web applications. Simply provide a domain, subdomain or CIDR block and it will instantly give you all the domains or subdomains that are related, including whether or not they are already hosted by a cloud provider. You can find it from the main menu on the left, under Discover -> Public Domains.

2. Tidal Tools Tidal Discover

We have released a new tool as part of Tidal Tools, tidal discover. Providing this command with your DNS configuration, it is able to determine your applications domains that exist in your private networks. With this information you can easily analyze and import these applications into your account.

3. (23-05-18) Tidal Tools Tidal Tools can now check for updates! From time to time, Tidal Tools will check if you’re using an old version. You can also force it to check for updates by using the “tidal check-updates” command.


April, 2018

What's new:

1. (17-04-18) Tidal Tools Amazon Route 53 Integration

Amazon Route 53 allows you to register domain names and direct internet traffic for your domain. With the new Tidal Tools Route53 Integration, you can now include all your AWS Route 53 domains when using the tidal analyze command! You'll love this if you're part-way through your cloud journey.

2. (20-04-18) Added API docs and developer guides to the help menu.

Often requested, and now easy for all users to find. Head over to to begin writing integrations today.

3. (26-04-18) App URL Table View

This new feature allows users to create and view URLs for their applications in the Application Assessment feature. Each URL added by the user is validated for uniqueness, endpoints can be tested for responses, technologies assessed and more.


March, 2018

What's new:

1. App Search & Filtering

The navigation between resources and different views has been improved. Users now have the ability to navigate to a specific record search in the main navigation menu of the app.

Searching feature now includes the ability to remember any of your search criteria accross all types of resources. Your previous searches will be cleared when navigating from all routes not starting at App, Databases, Servers or Virtualization Cluster.

You can now filter by many fields in the search view. Any custom fields you add can also be used to filter the search results for your applications, servers, etc.

2. App API Documentation Improvements

Confused on using the Tidal API requests? API Documentation for Move Groups, Documents, Integration, Network Devices, Ping, Notes, Softwares, Technologies, Invites, Authenticate, Virtualization Cluster, URLs, Reports, and Settings are now added!

We also enhanced the API documentation to include how to authenticate with the API.

3. App API Guides

For detailed information on utilising these API requests and its resources, we have created a series of guides here.


February, 2018

What's new:

1. App API Documentation

Confused on using the Tidal API requests? API Documentation for field options, documents and contacts are now added to help you!

2. App Add fields to search table view and API response

Now you are able to see all your applications transition types, transition plan status, target clouds and migration waves in the search table.


January, 2018

What's new:

1. App Interview feature

A new feature to help guide you through and capture application assessments. It includes a set of 20 questions that are critical in determining an application's current state and ability to migrate to the cloud.

2. App Unsaved text input

When you enter text and forgot to save it, it is now automatically saved for you before you leave the page.


December, 2017

What's new:

1. App Application Assessment PDF Reports

Tidal Migrations now automatically generates PDF reports for each of your applications to give you all of the details you need to share with your team. Provides easy access to an application's Transition Plan, Service Management, Servers, and Databases.

2. App New Database Storage metrics for each application

Always have to estimate the size of your database? With Tidal Migrations, you can now keep track of your total database storage for each application!

3. App Repurchase Option

When you are specifying the transition type for an application there is now the option to specify repurchase.

4. App Multiple URLs for each application

Does your application have multiple URLs associated with it? Not a problem, with Tidal Migrations your application's can now be associated with more than one URL.

6. App New fields when importing your Applications from spreadsheets

When importing data, you can now include Technical Lead and Business Owner fields for each application.

7. Tidal Tools Implementing --upload-file flag

A new command to upload your JSON files directly to the Tidal API!

8. Additional Features


November, 2017

What's new:

1. App Documents

You can now add any external documents you have directly to your applications. This lets you easily keep all the relevant information you need in one place and accessible to everyone on the team.

2. App Recent Jobs

View your most recent job in both Scan Networks and Connect Hypervisors view.

3. Tidal Tools New login command

This new command lets you easily configure and authenticate to the Tidal Migrations API.

4. Tidal Tools Sync vSphere Servers

You now have an easier option to sync your vSphere servers directly to the Tidal Migrations API with this new subcommand!

5. Additional Features